State Park Alerts

Holman Lake will be drawn down beginning September 11, 2017 to facilitate dam repairs, dredging, and installation of a new ADA accessible fishing pier. The lake will be drawn down as much as 10 feet below normal pool. Fishing and boating will still be permitted during the drawdown, however, depending on the project phase, boating access may be severely limited and boat launches may be unavailable. This could prevent launching trailered boats and limit use to hand-carried boats. Areas of the upper lake including the Upper Boat Launch, Swimming Pool Road Bridge, and Little Buffalo Creek Trail will be closed periodically due to dredging work.

State Park Advisories

Seasons and Hours: Contrary to the information on Google, Pennsylvania state parks are open every day of the year. Day use areas close at dusk. Park offices are open specific hours. Pools, beaches, and campgrounds are open specific seasons.

Drone Restrictions: To protect park resources, limit conflict with other park users, and avoid safety and privacy liabilities, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), remotely piloted vehicles (RPV) or unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), all commonly referred to as DRONES, are only permitted on designated flying fields in six remote controlled airfield parks (Beltsville, Benjamin Rush, Hillman, Lackawanna, Prompton, and Tuscarora). Drones are only permitted in other PA State Parks in very limited circumstances which require a special use permit.

Due to the lake being drawn down, the boat rental will be closed until further notice.

The docks at the boat launches have been removed due to the lake draw down. The main ramp remains open and usable without the docks.

The lake is currently drawn down for dam repairs and lake dredging.  The expected dates will be from September 2017 through June 2018, but may change due to weather and construction delays. The lake will be drawn down as much as 10 feet below the normal pool to facilitate the repairs to the dam. Fishing and boating will still be permitted, however, boating access will be severely limited and both boat launches may be unavailable.  This may make it impossible to launch a trailered boat and limit use to hand carried boats.  There may also be times when the lake will need to be closed to boating, fishing, and/or ice fishing.  Areas of the upper lake including the Upper Boat Launch, the Swimming Pool Road Bridge, and the Little Buffalo Creek Trail will be closed periodically due to the dredging operation.

General Firewood Quarantine: Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture has enacted a quarantine order for untreated firewood of any kind coming into the state. Any firewood brought into the state must be kiln dried, heat treated, fumigated, and/or USDA Certified.

To protect the high quality and native character of our State Parks from exotic invasive species DCNR highly encourages all visitors to:

  • burn/buy locally cut firewood (within 25 miles)

  • BURN ALL firewood brought from another area. Do not leave it. Do not take it with you.

  • Encourage friends and neighbors not to move firewood

  • Do not remove firewood from a Spotted Lanternfly Quarantine Area. Contact the PA Department of Agriculture, and search on the keyword Spotted Lantern Fly for current quarantine information.