State Park Alerts

Gull Point Update

Please be advised that Gull Point Trail will be closed temporarily starting today, March 10, 2017, because of unsafe trail conditions due to weather. The Park will continue to monitor trail conditions for reopening once conditions improve.  All other trails remain open for use.

State Park Advisories

Effective 6/22/17 at 10:45am, Barracks Beach has a "Swimming Advisory" due to Research Sample Plate Counts on Presque Isle State Park.

Beach areas posted under a Swimming Advisory are still open, to the public for swimming, sunbathing and other recreational opportunities.

During a Swimming Advisory, to reduce the risk of illness, it is recommended that beach users take the following precautions;

       * Avoid swallowing lake water.

       * Wash your hands before handling food.

       * Avoid swimming with an open cut or wound, or if you are experiencing an illness.

       * Minimize water contact if lake levels are high, heavy rains have just ended or strong winds are blowing from the west.

Firewood Advisory: Invasive Beetles found in Firewood Threaten Forests! Before bringing firewood to a Pennsylvania State Park, please read the information in the linked page about a very real threat to forests in Pennsylvania and all of North America. Firewood Advisory

Contrary to the information on Google, Pennsylvania state parks are open every day of the year. Day use areas close at dusk. Park offices are open specific hours. Pools, beaches, and campgrounds are open specific seasons.